The KIYUM Project

Bringing Innovation & Sustainability to Courage to Care NSW

*Kiyum (Heb. קיום) = Sustainability


The KIYUM Project Sneak preview for 2020

This new initiative will enable Courage to Care NSW to develop and implement innovative AND sustainable ideas in a series of pilot projects aimed at ‘future-proofing’ Courage to Care NSW, ensuring that the message of being an Upstander remains fresh and relevant.

Fresh ideas are abundant in our community. Courage to Care NSW aims to find new ways to positively impact Australian society and prevent intolerance and hatred. The KIYUM Project will help free up resources and energy to bring these ideas to fruition.

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The KIYUM Project in a Nutshell

The KIYUM Project will be run by  people like you. Help us champion the effort to bring Innovation & Sustainability to Courage to Care NSW.

Innovation: You and your team members will have the opportunity to brainstorm and/or evaluate great ideas and allocate funding to innovative & sustainable projects.

Sustainability: To help fund these pilot projects, you and your team members will also help organise the annual major function to ensure the community learns about your ideas and will contribute their personal and financial support.

Future-Proofing Courage to Care NSW

We ask for you to help us future-proof the message of Courage to Care NSW to ensure Australian children and adults from all walks of life, and from all communities will continue to be inspired to be UPSTANDERS and not bystanders and help prevent discrimination, bullying and hatred.

Great ideas bring great results, click the button below to view our draft idea catalogue.