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1 week ago
Courage to Care Victoria

We are sharing this post from Courage to Care Victoria, and repeat those crucial last few lines.

The Courage to Care message is universal and is needed more than ever. As Edmund Burke is quoted as ... See more


The Age reported that a couple in the town of Beulah is flying a flag with the Nazi swastika and other Nazi symbols high over their ... See more

1 month ago
'You could hear a pin drop': Local historians enthralled by Courage to Care

This is the last of the articles in the Moree Champion about our exhibition.

Moree and District Historical Society members toured the Courage to Care exhibition on November 27.

1 month ago
Photos from Courage to Care NSW's post

The Tree Room is an important part of the Courage to Care exhibition. It represents the forests of Europe in which many people hid for extended periods during the Nazi era. Countless numbers of ... See more

1 month ago
Photos from Courage to Care NSW's post

Today is the last day of the Courage to Care 2019 Moree Exhibition. Over the past 4 weeks, we have had over 1,200 people visit the exhibition in 30 different sessions. This includes students from 22 ... See more

1 month ago
The Saviour – an embryonic film of Chiune Sugihara

We would love to see a film made on Sugihara, one of the featured rescuers in the Courage to Care Exhibition. Sugihara is a genuine hero and deserves all the recognition he gets.
Every Person Can ... See more

Sydney woman Linda Royal has partnered with writer Nico Lathouris [Mad Max), and editor Joshua Lundberg to develop a feature film – The Saviour.

2 months ago
Muslim woman defends Jewish man during a racist attack on public transport

Asma Shuweikh is an example of an upstander.

Asma Shuweikh has been branded a hero after footage of her defending a Jewish man and his children on public transport surfaced online.

2 months ago
Donate Today | Courage to Care

This year you and I helped shape the hearts and minds of over 5,000 children.

As the holiday of Hanukkah approaches, we are often reminded how just one candle can dispel the darkness, and just a ... See more

Donate to Courage to Care $ Donation Amount: Select Payment Method Credit Card Via PayPal Offline Donation Personal Info First Name * Last Name Email Address: * Make this an anonymous donation. ... See more

2 months ago
Photos from Courage to Care NSW's post

Some photos from our AGM that was held yesterday. Thank you to all who attended, all our volunteers, survivors, committee and staff for making this year a big success. 2020 should again be a big year.

2 months ago
Stories of survival challenge people to have the courage to care

.Survivors Maurice Linker and Eva Engel are interviewed (along with our week 3 coordinator Jeanie Kitchener) in the local paper. Today is the last day of week 3. Next week is the final chance to ... See more

Holocaust survivors have been in Moree sharing their stories as part of BAMM's current exhibition.

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