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2 weeks ago
'Everybody is nicer': Students given tools to intervene against racism in schools

"For many people, school is the first place they encounter prejudice or discrimination. If we are serious about countering racism as a society, we need to deal with it at schools."

Anti-racism pilot program in NSW schools gives students skills to stand up to racist behaviour and reduce discrimination.

3 weeks ago
'Facts don't lie': China has warned students about racism in Australia. What's the evidence?

Evidence that racism against Asian people is on the rise. We have a lot of work to do once restrictions are over.

China has warned tourists and students about "racist incidents" targeting Asians. Media outlets and anti-discrimination groups have reported a spike during the pandemic, but what's the evidence?

3 weeks ago
Adam Goodes mural

Courage to Care NSW stands against racism in all forms.

A mural of former Sydney Swans player Adam Goodes, painted by Hamish McBride, Laura Paige, Megan Hales, Jacqueline Butterworth and Kailin Hegel on the corner of Foveaux Street and Crown Street in ... See more

1 month ago
May Newsletter

Courage to Care NSW May Newsletter Link.

1 month ago
Courage to Care WA

Becoming aware of our implicit bias lays the groundwork towards making a change.
#noplaceforracism #couragetocarewa

1 month ago


Our mission at Courage to Care is to teach Australians from all walks of life how every individual can make a difference. We believe ... See more

1 month ago
More than 50 years after being rescued from a schoolyard bully, Sandra is reunited with her 'knight in shining armour'

This is a heartwarming story of true courage to care. ... See more

When Wayne Bailey stood up for Sandra Abboud when she was bullied at school, he didn't realise it would still be having an impact more than 50 years later.

1 month ago
Holocaust Survivor Interviews

Courage to Care NSW is pleased to announce that we are now offering a free online course to students aged 10 and above. This is the survivor video from that program.

Holocaust Survivor Interviews (2020) | Courage to Care NSW Online program for Australian students Recorded via Zoom

1 month ago
Holocaust survivor Irving Roth to tell his story at worldwide June 1 virtual event

Now Holocaust survivors can tell their stories to an even bigger global audience. This will be 09:30 a.m. Tuesday, June 2nd AEST. You can join via

Irving Roth, a survivor of the Auschwitz and Buchenwald concentration camps, and death marches during the Holocaust, will be the guest speaker 7:30 p.m. Monday June 1 at a worldwide

1 month ago
The Story of Nicholas Winton & the Kindertransport

Happy Birthday to Nicholas Winton. Born today, Nicholas saved over 600 children during World War II via Kindertransport. Much respect!

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