Courage to Care Moree Exhibition 2019

Courage to Care Travelling Exhibition is visiting Moree from 4-29 November 2019.

Bank Art Museum Moree (BAMM)

25 Frome Street, Moree NSW 2400

 NOTE: The exhibition is open from Monday to Friday.

  • Schools: Bookings are required for school groups, click the BOOK NOW button (opens in the TryBooking website).
  • Community/general public entry available, no booking required.
  • Members of the public may also attend the Exhibition Launch on November 7th, from 6PM to 8PM.

IMPORTANT: A limit of 60 students may attend each school session time. To book a single session, please select 1 session ticket (student totals will be requested at checkout). Once booked, the session time will be listed as “booked out.” If a school has booked a session for a small number of students, a special “limited session” may become available allowing other schools to book a small group during that session time. In this case, if booking a limited session, please select the exact number of student tickets required.