Exhibition Bookings for Schools

Booking Form for Exhibitions

Exhibition Booking

Details of Coordinating Teacher

We anticipate that your students’ participation in the Courage to Care exhibition will make a positive contribution to managing these issues.

Terms and Conditions

To ensure that the experience of the Courage to Care program flows seamlessly on the day and is as beneficial as possible for students, please:

  • Appoint a member of the teaching staff as a Coordinating TeacherHe/she will be the key contact person with Courage to Care. This allows for easy and effective communication.
  • This person is also responsible for:

Pre excursion

  • Submitting the above booking form at least 4 weeks from the exhibition excursion date
  • Where applicable, if applying for a bus subsidy, provide 2 quotes to Courage to Care at info@couragetocare.com.au within 2 weeks of returning the confirmation sheet/s and await approval
  • Informing teachers and students to be aware of, and respect that all people conducting the program are volunteers who offer their valuable time in order to promote the message of social acceptance
  • Our experience is that prior preparation enhances the excursion for students, as well as serves to better embed learning so if you have the opportunity to do some we would highly recommend it
    • Teachers’ Booklets will be provided to the coordinating teacher
  • Previsit and post-visit preparation materials will be provided in soft copy (digital) format to distribute to other attending teachers/classes

Excursion day

  • On the day of the visit:
    • students should leave their bags on buses or at school
    • students should have eaten and had the opportunity to visit toilet facilities
    • the ratio of teachers to students should be at least 1 to 20
  • Inform teaching staff that during the excursion teachers need to:
    • help manoeuvre their groups to each of the three parts of the program
    • assist with students who need to go to the bathroom or feel unwell
    • function predominantly as observers in the discussion workshop and not participate actively
    • turn their mobile phones on silent and not make/receive any calls or text messages

Post excursion

  • Post-visit activity and evaluation materials have been provided to distribute to other attending teachers/classes
  • All classes’ and teachers’ evaluations need to be collected and posted to Courage to Care
  • Any Personal Response Projects should be collected and returned to Courage to Care. Please note that a certificate will be issued to all students who contribute to the Personal Response Project, either in hardcopy or online. Please ensure each response includes name, school and year level
  • Where applicable, if applying for a bus subsidy, apply for reimbursement within 30 days after the excursion