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Courage to Care is raising money to fund our Survivor Testimony

crowd funding campaign

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We’re doing this through Crowdfunding – a way to raise money for a specific project. Our aim is to spread the campaign to as many people as possible.

Although their stories are timeless, our survivor storytellers are not. We need to use this important time to make sure their stories can be heard for generations to come.

The aim of the Survivor Testimony Project is to save the stories of bravery and rescue from our survivor storytellers by recording and sharing them in future programs, particularly in our school programs. The power of these stories heard on a personal, emotional and purposeful level empower individuals to realise that each person has the ability to stand up to discrimination.

Even small acts of bravery can make a difference, and even small donations can help us reach our goal. Please help us empower individuals to take action against discrimination, prejudice and bullying, by pressing the blue donate or share button on the left.

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