Courage to Care in the Classroom


Courage to Care in the Classroom is a FREE 90-minute educational program for Grades 5 – 12. The program is designed to support the Australian curriculum, including HSIE and PDHPE, with links to the understanding of diversity, creative thinking, critical thinking and values promoting a fair and just society.

An introductory historical presentation provides background to WWII and the Holocaust, with a particular focus on the role of the rescuer.
A Holocaust survivor, ‘living historian’, shares their experiences with students, emphasising the story of their rescue and support provided by others – the support which enabled them to survive.
An interactive workshop invites students to examine the roles of the bystander and upstander. Students discuss some of the roadblocks to becoming an upstander and become aware of their own ability to make a difference in their own worlds.  

Courage to Care in the Classroom is a FREE educational program

Geared toward students 10+. Request a free program booking today.

Post-Program Student Survey

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Learning from history: lessons learned from the Holocaust have relevance in students’ lives today.
Developing empathy: every individual has the ability to place themselves in other people’s shoes, feel what they feel, and act with kindness.
Taking personal responsibility: recognising that each individual is responsible for the choices that they make and have the capacity to make a difference in their communities.
Depending upon the number of students and location, sessions may be scheduled for one day only or across several days or weeks.

Program Sponsors

Program Sponsors (2021)

Reuben Pelerman Foundation

Classroom Program QLD Division (2020-21)

The ORAH Fund

Young Jewish Leadership Program (2019-2020)
Online Classroom Program (2021)

Woollahra Council

Classroom Program Eastern Sydney Division (2020-21)

Waverley Council

Classroom Program Eastern Sydney Division (2020-21)