I was born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1934. As a child during World War II, in 1941 I was a refugee in Italy and later, Switzerland. In that situation, I learnt to adapt to new situations both positive and negative. I learnt that encouragement and kindness make a big difference in life. My story during the war was sometimes traumatic, leaving our home and escaping several times. In Switzerland I was separated from my family, and placed with strangers. Yet, in Italy, for nearly two years, my childhood was beautiful, happy and safe. In 2008 it was a great surprise to discover that a gentleman had extensively researched the story of my family’s survival in Italy. Since then, it has been a pleasure for me to collaborate with Mr Alan Poletti from Auckland New Zealand on his book “A Second Life”. It is due to his tenacity that my story is now documented and I am proud to share it with Courage to Care. My parents’ courage and wisdom saved my life, but many individual persons helped us when we were in need. I have always tried to remember that. My “thank you “ to them, is doing something for someone else.