I was born in 1938 in Slovakia. In 1942 the local Catholic church gave my family Baptismal Certificates for our protection. In early 1944 the Nazis tried to round up all Jews in Slovakia, so my family went to Bratislava where in a few weeks the Gestapo found us and took us to Szered Transit camp. Mother and I were herded into a cattle truck meant for Auschwitz, but which was redirected to Terezin. While 16,000 children went through the camp, only 100 survived at the end of the war; my brother (who was born in the camp) and I being 2 of the 100. Of the 350 children born in the camp, only 25 survived. We were liberated by the Russians and Americans on 9th May, 1945 and learned that eighty per cent of our family had perished, including my father. The survivors of our family flew to Rome and in 1948, with the help of the Jewish organisation JOINT, flew to Sydney Australia.