Suzi: I was born Zsuszana Borbala Kalmar in 1942 in Budapest Hungary.

On May 23rd 1944, my mother, Grandparents and I were rounded up in Papa, Hungary and placed in a Ghetto.  My mother and I were smuggled out by a Lay Priest named Jonas Ochiny. After being reunited with my father, who escaped a Labour camp, we went into hiding.

In November 1944 as the Soviets were approaching Budapest, my parents sent me with former maids to friends in the countryside.  Instead I was dropped off at an orphanage (150km east of Budapest) that was later disbanded and was hidden with six different families.

In January 1945 with the Soviets occupying Budapest my parents set out to find me.  They found me on a farm, hidden in a barn where I slept in a wooden feed tub.

After returning to Budapest we waited on news of my grandparents.  At the end of 1947 we had news that a friend had witnessed them being taken to the gas chambers.

My father applied for a Visa to migrate to the USA.  With a communist controlled government he was offered a chance to work in the USA leaving my mother and me behind.  My father declined. After finding out there was a warrant for his arrest with the secret police we knew we had to escape. We were smuggled out of Budapest to Vienna in a postal van.

We lived in Vienna until a relative who had already migrated to Australia paid for our passage.

The second time I visited Hungary on my 60th birthday, in Papa I found my name on the original list for deportation, a very emotional moment.

By being involved with C2C I hope that the story of the Holocaust will be passed on to future generations and the history not forgotten.

Susie volunteers for Courage to Care QLD, sharing her story with hundreds of students via the Classroom program