I was born in 1938 in Poland’s second largest city Lodz. Pre-war Lodz had a Jewish population exceeding 300,000. Life in pre-war Lodz was very comfortable for us as a middle class Jewish family. I was an only child but I had a very large wider family at that time. Most of my family including my Father were involved in the textile industry. Then came 1939 and everything changed as Nazi Germany conquered Poland. Polish Jews were faced with a dilemma- to stay or to go. Most elected to remain and sit it out, including my wider family. They perished in the Holocaust. My parents, for reasons unknown to me, decided to leave everything and go. We survived. We were fortunate to have an introduction to Chiuni Sugihara, through my Father’s business associations. We were told he was prepared to issue transit visas to Japan- far from the turmoil of Europe. We headed for Kaunas and obtained the transit visas. Our journey then took us to Moscow, the Trans- Siberian Railroad to Vladivostok. A cattle boat across the Sea of Japan to the port of Tsuruga. Always in very primitive and dangerous conditions. We spent 6 months in the Commercial Port City of Kobe where I had my 3rd Birthday. Then we received visas to New Zealand where we made our home. We arrived in Wellington in October 1941. The journey had taken 2 years. I grew up there as did my 3 older children. We had a successful business and prospered. Both my parents died there when I was still very young. We moved to Australia in 1990 and settled on the Gold Coast. I and my family live happily in this wonderful tolerant country, Australia, because of the compassion of this one man- Chiuni Sugihara.