I was born in Milan, Italy in December 1937 to Lola and Chaim Goldman, and my brother Sam was born in Strasbourg in 1939. Fearing German invasion in late August 1939, we moved to Perigueux, central France. From 1939-1943 my immediate family relocated several times, when finally in November 1943 we lived in Feltin, where my parents were warned that our family, being Jewish, was on a Gestapo list to be picked up. Fortunately we managed to escape and hide in a nearby forest for several days. We were able to obtain false identity papers with the new surname “Mai”. Sam and I found shelter with a farming family for several months until it became too dangerous for them to hide Jewish children. In the meantime our parents were helped by M. Bellegy in the tiny village of Arboureix. There we joined them finally. Returning to Strasbourg in 1945, we found our home was occupied and all our possessions stolen. Our family left France and arrived in Sydney in January 1947. Having no English knowledge, Sam and I attended school immediately. We had a good education and our family thrived through hard work, and all the opportunities offered to us by this wonderful country, Australia. I married Leon, also a Holocaust survivor and we now have three children and 11 grandchildren. My mother and I took part in the first exhibition in Armidale, N.S.W. That first experience was overwhelming, very exciting and I have continued to be part of Courage to Care since then. I have always felt that education is the key to understanding and the “tool” to impart tolerance. ‘One person can make a difference’…my family is definitely an example of that.