But for the help of well meaning people I would not be here. I was born in Romania and lived with my parents, sister and large extended family. I had a happy and normal childhood with friends, relatives and normal schooling until the age of 10 when, due to changed political and military masters, I lost friends, most of my family and was not allowed to go to school for three years. From 1940 to 1946 I and my family, relatives and friends suffered famine, were subjected to indignities, persecutions and nearly shot dead by both the Nazi and Communist governments. I was forced to wear a distinguishing yellow star, was beaten up and bullied by non-Jewish boys, unable to defend myself for fear of being prosecuted and probably deported or shot by the Nazis. My family and I were placed in a ghetto surrounded by barbed wire. I have been in Australia for 58 years. I studied and worked as a professional electrical engineer, and have had a most rewarding, satisfying and challenging career. I have one son and three lovely grandchildren. My hobbies include walking, music and computers.