I was born in Hungary a month before Hitler invaded Budapest in early 1944.  My father Oscar was executed by the Nazis in December 1944. My mother and I survived with the help of Raoul Wallenberg’s Swedish protective pass. His heroic efforts during the time of the Holocaust were truly astonishing.

I grew up in Hungary under the Communist regime.    In 1972 I was fortunate to be able to emigrate to first New Zealand and then Australia, with my husband and four year old child.  Life as a refugee wasn’t easy – I didn’t speak any English and had no family support.  However, with my qualification as a draftswoman from Hungary, I was able to I work for over 30 years and still found time for volunteering.

Courage to Care has a special place in my heart, because almost every one of us who survived the Holocaust, has been saved by a ‘righteous person’.