John hails from the German border region of Czechoslovakia known as Sudetenland, of Czech/Polish ancestry, raised in a German speaking Jewish community. Although still a child in his early teens, he was no stranger to the political upheavals in Europe that eventually led to the outbreak of the World War 2, witnessing large sections of the German speaking population deserting their loyalty to Czechoslovakia and switching over to the Nazi camp. The family moved into the interior to the capital Prague, with father desperately trying to find escape routes for his family, anticipating, correctly as it turned out, an imminent Nazi invasion. John, luckily, accepted an invitation from a newly discovered distant relative in the U.K. in February 1939, where he was received with open arms. His sister and father made it to Palestine. Mother sadly stayed behind to look after her own ailing mother and eventually perished in the Auschwitz death camp. In England John completed his studies as a Chemical Engineer in Textile Manufacture, got married, and followed a career path that took him first to Israel, where he and his new family lived for 10 years and eventually to Australia where by now he has spent most of his life.