I was born in Poland in 1928. I owe my life to the courage and devotion of many Poles who at great risk to their lives and the security of their families helped me to survive the Holocaust. Being the sole survivor of my family I decided to stay in Poland after the end of WW2. I studied, worked, married and had two children. The pressure of the communist rulers on my husband made us leave Poland for Israel in 1957. Our short time there was interesting and industrious. In 1961 our family arrived in Australia, where my husband had a sister with children and grandchildren. We didn’t speak English and our qualifications were not recognised. Hence, our start in Australia was not easy. Over fifty years later I feel I now belong to this country. I am the matriarch of an extended multigenerational family and a published writer. Yet my most cherished activity is volunteering for Courage to Care, which I joined as soon as it started in Sydney.