I was born in Vienna, Austria in 1932. My father was an active member of the Social Democratic Party – therefore a double fugitive of the Nazis after Anschluss of Austria (Austria became part of the Third Reich in March 1938). My father was a socialist (the extreme enemy of the fascist Nazi party) and also a Jew. He was therefore an immediate target for arrest. The day after Anschluss my father’s factory of aluminium kitchen utensils was confiscated by the Nazi regime as the laws that had prevailed in Germany since 1933 were now applied to Austria. All our assets and possessions were taken. The danger for us was so great we went into hiding. My father’s political non-Jewish colleagues hid us in their homes. It was at that time that a non-Jewish business partner of my father offered us refuge in Switzerland. All official immigration for Jews was stopped, but we were able to escape. When we arrived in Zurich my father applied for an official job to any country that would have him (he was a qualified engineer, tool and die maker). Australia was the country that needed such a person and that is why I am here today.