I was born in 1935 in Vienna, Austria. With my father and mother I left Vienna in 1938 as a result of the Anschluss (annexation by Germany of the country) for Hungary, my father’s place of birth.

Of my family only my mother and I survived the Holocaust. This was due to the humanity of a German soldier, who looked the other way while we escaped while being transported to a Concentration camp. This contributed in a major way to form my belief not to be prejudiced or generalize about people – but consider each one on their merit, regardless of colour, race or religion.

I arrived in Australia in December 1950 with my mother, and started to work at aged 15 in a knitting factory, at the same time going to night school to learn English for 6 months. I then continued a night course in textiles and machinery for another two years. I married in 1962 and have three children and four grandchildren, all born in Sydney.

I am grateful for the fair go that Australia has offered. I now dedicate myself to show appreciation by being involved in projects that curtail racism or are damaging to Australia. For my efforts I was awarded an Order of Australia ( OAM ) in 2006.

I was involved in the formation of Courage to Care from the beginning in 1999 – contributing and assisting wherever possible.