Courage to Care

Courage to Care

Courage to Care


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Courage to Care is

A charitable organisation led by volunteers who aim to empower Australians to stand up against prejudice and discrimination.

Our educational programs promote social harmony and reduce prejudice by inspiring children and adults of the power of the UPSTANDER.

Courage to Care NSW programs include

  • A travelling exhibition
  • Classroom programs based in Sydney and Brisbane
  • Other initiatives for workplaces and tertiary learning settings

Courage to Care celebrates the lives of men and women who chose to stand up and confront discrimination and injustice – ordinary people who were extraordinary in their bravery and impact.

It is a positive program which uses examples from the past to plant the seeds of awareness, understanding and empathy for others.

holocaust survivor stories
positive bystander action

Using Holocaust survivors’ stories of their rescue as an example, the program educates visitors towards an understanding of the roles of victim, perpetrator and bystander.

Participants are empowered to take positive action against discrimination in all forms – not to be bystanders, but to make a difference whenever possible.

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