List of Exhibitions

  • Darlinghurst, NSW: Courage to Care (NSW)

    If Courage to Care is not exhibiting near your town anytime soon, why not get in touch with us and book in a session at our Sydney offices.
    You may not get to experience our exhibition space, but you will still be immersed in our program by listening to a Holocaust survivor share they’re experience of rescue first hand, and in having a facilitated discussion drawing issues of discrimination into contemporary contexts.

    Every person can make a difference.

    Don’t be a bystander to prejudice and racism. Be an upstander today.






  • Liverpool, NSW: Liverpool City Library

    Friday 6th March – Sunday 12th April 2015


    For four weeks in Term 1 this year visitors had the opportunity to visit an exhibition and participate in a program that demonstrates the importance of standing up to bullying and prejudice whenever it occurs through stories of survivors and rescuers from the Holocaust. Visitors had the unique opportunity to meet with a survivor and listen firsthand to their story of rescue, and how the acts of courageous individuals made a difference and enabled them to survive.

    Free programs for community and adult groups ran weekly on and members of the public were invited to peruse the exhibition space any time during library opening hours.





    Living Book Pull Up sign option

    As a ‘living book’, library patrons are invited to ‘borrow’ the time of a Holocaust survivor, in Courage to Care’s new initiative, The Living Book Project. For 30 minute intervals, visitors will get to enjoy an intimate one-on-one experience where history comes to life.
    A librarian will present patrons with a blurb of the Survivor’s life story and their subsequent chapter list. The ‘borrower’ is invited to choose up to three of these chapters to listen to during their session with the ‘Living Book’. This is a rare opportunity for patrons to hear a Holocaust survivor’s personal story and  for ‘borrowers’ to be able to select the aspects of the living historian’s journey which interest or resonate most with them.  Gain a better understanding of the hardships and hopes of these inspirational individuals.



    Children are invited to tuck inside C2C’s book nook, where surrounded by walls of books, a prominent author will share both a book reading and a Q&A or workshop with everyone. Over the course of one hour, you will get to hear one of these fabulous stories:

    Peggy Walhaus describes the Elps of the Airport. Let Peggy take your kids on a journey to discover if a little Elpboy who stutters can summon all his courage to bring freedom and happiness to the Elpfolk. It’s a story of bravery, community and friendship.

    The-Elps-of-the-Airport-front cover

    Annette Guerry and Susanne Gervay share with you Jack’s school experience. Jack likes going to school. He enjoys learning. George Hamel calls Jack ‘bum head’ though. And so all the kids call Jack ‘bum head’. Jack’s in BIG trouble…school is getting dangerous. Nobody seems to want to listen. Until one day.

    I am Jack-sml

    Moya Simons enlightens youth about Rachel. Rachel is German and Jewish, and living in Leipzig, Germany. Life is good and revolves around Sabbath meals shared with her happy family. With the outbreak of World War II, their lives are changed. The family are forced to move from their comfortable home into cramped housing, and when the Nazis arrive to finally take the family away, they don’t know what is to become of them. But Rachel’s father gives her instructions that save her life. He also tells her not to speak. Rachel remains quiet for the rest of the war, but what happened to her family? Will Rachel regain her voice now that she really needs it?



    A creative drawing station will form a small installation for the duration of C2C’s Liverpool exhibition. Using selected posters from the Harmony Day competition, Art & Craft materials will be available in front of the exhibition space to allow younger library patrons to draw ‘harmony’. Participants are then invited to display their posters as part of the exhibition, on the special wall entitled “Peace by peace, we make harmony”.



  • Logan Central, QLD: Logan Central Library

    Friday 31st October – Saturday 29th November 2014

    In Term 4 last year we concluded our Logan exhibition and school program.
    Over 1,500 students attended our workshops and a multitude of adults witnessed Courage to Care through open to the public viewings, formal programs and additional programming initiatives.
    Thanks to the Logan Central library, local schools and community members who came out to experience Courage to Care.

  • Earlville, QLD: Seville Mercy Conference Centre

    Friday 14th August – Friday 11th September 2015

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    In collaboration with Cairns Catholic Education Services, Diocese of Cairns, we are bringing Courage to Care to Northern Queensland. Interested individuals or groups please get in touch with Vicky or Priscilla on (07) 4050 9700 or email to find out more about the program and to book in today.

    More information can be read at: and follow the link to Courage to Care on the homepage.

    • School programs: 9.30-11.30am or 12.30-2.30pm Monday-Fridays
    • Teacher and educator sessions: 4-6pm Monday-Wednesdays
    • Adult programming: 11am-1pm Sundays
    • Casual walkins: 9am-4pm Monday – Friday and 2-4pm Sundays

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    Interested in hosting Courage to Care?
    Allocation is yet to be confirmed for Term 3 2016. Please get in touch with Rachel,, for venue stipulations and exhibition logistics.