The aim of the exhibition and the program is to encourage students and visitors to reflect on the choices they have to make when confronted with incidences of discrimination and injustice, and to empower them to take action and not be bystanders – to know that they, as individuals, can make a difference.

Students have provided feedback to Courage to Care in various ways including through comments in the Visitors’ Book, evaluation forms, personal notes to the survivor whose story they heard, and post-visit personal response projects at school. These responses are enthusiastic and positive, highlighting that the Courage to Care experience has had a profound impact on participating students and has been successful in raising awareness of the importance of individual action in the face of discrimination, prejudice and bullying.

Teacher, Montville State School:

Students were abuzz the whole way back to Montville for 45 minutes. It was really important that they learn about tolerance and also understanding what has happened in history. [...] Sometimes kids [...] need to be more socially aware in order to stand up for what they believe is right. This was something that really came through the exhibition. I thoroughly recommend this exhibition to all schools.

Student, Year 5 after going through the program:

I reckon you should keep telling students this info to inspire kids to stand up to bullies.

Student, Year 12 on the key lesson learnt from the program:

To always speak up against mistreatment or prejudice of others.

Student Welfare Coordinator and Head of PDHP, The Forest High School:

The feedback from all the students and the staff has been very positive. As the school’s welfare coordinator I will be referring to the Courage to Care experience on any ongoing basis with this year group, especially as the issue of bullying arises. I thank you for broadening my skill and experience base.

Student, Year 10 in answer to a question on the main message of the program:

Don’t just stand there and not do anything. HELP, however you can.

Teacher, Sacred Heart Primary School:

From a teacher’s perspective – I feel that this is the most worthwhile unit I have taught this year. [...]

Thank you again for your incredible work.

Student, Year 10 on what they took away from the program:

It made me realise just how privileged I am to be an Australian in this time and that I should [...] help others when I can.

For further indication of the impact of our work, please see our testimonials. More comments from students and teachers who have participated in the program are also available.