Courage to Care is a social tolerance education and positive bystander action program that combats discrimination, racism and bullying. It raises awareness about these issues, encouraging understanding and empathy, and empowering participants to stand up to prejudice, bullying and injustice whenever it occurs. Students are challenged to question and critically reflect on their personal values as they become more aware of the types of behaviour that constitute bullying, and to reject passive indifference in the knowledge that their actions can and do make a difference.

The 2-hour Courage to Care education program is targeted at students in Years 5 – 12. It has been developed by professional educators, and includes audiovisual components, interactive workshops and experiential learning processes. Teachers are provided with complementary teaching materials to support pre-visit preparation as well as optional post-visit learning. A follow up personal response project also exists for students as a reflective exercise to further embed learning.

The program is flexible and adapted for different age groups and learning needs. It is supported by the NSW Department of Education and is recognised in the syllabus areas of History, HSIE, Geography, and PDHPE.