Courage to Care NSW has over 130 volunteers in diverse roles. Many travel with the exhibition and the program as guides, living historians, coordinators and workshop leaders. Others work behind the scenes supporting program delivery in roles such as project management, administration, logistics, education and training, research, quality control, WH&S, graphic design and video production.

Some people volunteer regularly on an ongoing basis, while others volunteer for specific exhibitions and projects. Some enjoy volunteering across a range of different tasks at a time, others specialise in a specific volunteer role. Each and every contribution is unique and helps to ensure the continued success of the exhibition and the program.

Are you looking to volunteer and make a difference? Courage to Care welcomes new volunteers – we believe all volunteers bring unique skills and strengths to the program, and there are opportunities to be involved in a range of roles and activities.

Are you interested but want to find out more? Come along to one of our information sessions to learn more about the organisation and possible volunteer roles, as well to meet other volunteers and find out why they are so committed to Courage to Care. Information sessions are held regularly – please contact Vicki, vicki@couragetocare.com.au, about potential volunteering opportunities. Alternatively, contact us and we will notify you of an upcoming session, or discuss any queries in depth.

Already know of our organisation and program and keen to commence volunteering with us? Fill in the below sign up form, email or post it back and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Volunteer Information

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Courage to Care Volunteer Information sheet

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To find out more about the volunteers currently involved with Courage to Care NSW, view Our Team here.