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Courage to Care NSW is a not-for-profit organisations run and managed by volunteers and a small number of professional staff. Both organisations are funded entirely through donations and fundraising.

Our continued work is dependent on the ongoing contributions of our supporters and donors. Without their generosity and commitment, Courage to Care would not be able to continue to deliver its highly successful social tolerance education program, reaching students and adults across Australia. Thanks to their support, Courage to Care continues to make a difference in communities, and empowers others to do so as well.

There are many ways to support Courage to Care and we value contributions of all forms. Whether through volunteering time or providing financial support, you too can make a difference and help shape a society that rejects discrimination, prejudice, and bullying in all forms.

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Are you interested in getting involved but not sure how? Please contact us – we welcome ideas and proposals and would love to hear from you.