What Students Say

Student, Year 6, on the impact of the program:

Courage to Care has changed my life. The energy in the room was exceptional!

Student, Year 6, on the program’s take-home message:

Courage to Care has given me new ideas on how we should all act and make the world a better place for everyone.

Student, Year 7, on new thoughts Courage to Care has given them:

Courage to Care has inspired me to make a difference in the world, putting a stop to discrimination and racism.

Student, Year 6, commenting on the bravery of the rescuer of Jewish people during the Holocaust:

It made me realise how brave they were to have the courage to do that so now I will not be a bystander – I will stand up for what is right.

Student, Year 11, in response to the program:

Thank you for this great experience. You have helped me realise the cruelty of the situation. I have been given the courage from this experience. This exhibition has enlightened me. I feel empowered from this experience and I am taking the courage and ability to help others.

Student, Year 6, in a letter written to Courage to Care after going through the program:

When my school said we were going to the Courage to Care exhibition I did not have a clue what this exhibition was about. Today this exhibition has changed the person I am for good. [...] It has given me faith and the power to help someone in need.

Student, Year 10, in response to hearing a survivor’s story firsthand:

Sincerely thank you for sharing your story with us. I was humbled to hear it first hand and to learn more about the history. I loved hearing about the spark of life you had through the hardships.

Student, Year 6, on what they took away from the program:

To care about other people more and to not be a bystander.

Student, Year 7, on what they have learnt from the program:

I think in the future that not a single person should be singled out because of size, colour or nationality and if you are a bystander help the person who is getting bullied.

Student, Year 7, on what really stood out to them from the program:

If just one person speaks out it really makes a difference.

Student, Year 10, reflecting on what was the key lesson they took away from their experience:

It has thought me about standing up for what is right and given me the courage to do what is right [...]