Personal Response Project

Students participating in the program are encouraged to reflect on their experiences at Courage to Care and express their thoughts and impressions. We especially encourage students to take the time to create their own creative response to the program, whether individually or as a group. This could take many forms of expression including artwork, poetry, essays, photography, videos, etc. As an organisation we value these creative responses and from time to time feature them on our website, and if possible, in our exhibition.

In 2007, Courage to Care was given a patchwork quilt made by students who participated in the program in Orange. The quilt, which is made up of sections prepared by individual students, has now become a constant and much-loved feature of each and every exhibition. In 2012, Courage to Care organised a reunion with some of the students that made the quilt, who, now in high school, still had a fond recollection of their experience attending the program, and in reflecting on their visit years before, still had a strong memory of the lessons learnt that day.

If you have experienced our exhibition and program and would like to create a personal response please do so and send it on to us.