Principal, The Beach School:

Thank you so much for giving our students the opportunity to attend the program. It was commented by staff that it was the best excursion our students have attended for a long time, the content was appropriate and it engaged our students for the whole time which can be a challenge. The staff came back invigorated and full of praise of the program and it generated some great conversations and ongoing lessons for the students.

Western Plains Cultural Centre, Dubbo:

The impact on visitors, both school student groups and general public, has been outstanding, with many people making return visits to view the exhibition in detail. [...]..the local community has benefited greatly from the opportunity to hear your amazing stories of rescue and appreciate their meaning in today’s world.

[...] Your exhibition content – the panels, the showcases, the interactives, the ‘Tree Room’ – are beautifully designed and presented, and integrate powerfully with your survivor talks and workshops. Far from focusing on the Holocaust, you bring a contemporary message of understanding and respect for minority groups that needs to be heard and understood throughout the country. For school students, you offer an approach in addressing bullying and discrimination which sows the seeds for a more harmonious society.”

Assistant Principal, Manly West Public School:

Visiting the exhibition was such an amazing experience and I know from student and parent feedback that it had a profound effect on all the children (and myself and the other teachers).

Thank you so much for providing the opportunity for us to attend and the time and effort your wonderful volunteers spent with our students.

I can’t recommend your program highly enough and hope you visit the area again sometime to keep educating the next generation of the importance of having the courage to care.

Gloucester Gallery and Gloucester Shire Council Cultural Development Committee:

The level of positive feedback we have received from a wide range of people in the community leads us to believe that the program was a great success for Gloucester. The immediate economic, educational and social benefits will hopefully continue into the longer term, particularly for our young people.

Principal, East Hills Boys High School:

Our entire student population visited the Courage to Care programme held at the Hurstville Regional Museum. [...]

The concepts of Courage to Care show how ordinary people can make a difference and its relevance to modern day school children lies in the highlighting of the horrors of racism and bullying; problems that unfortunately affect many children at school and in the wider world. [...]

Your organisation’s programme provides students with a wonderful method to reflect upon their own, and other people’s lives and experiences, and shows how anyone can make a difference if they have the courage and fortitude to act.

Teacher, St Mary’s School Manly:

[...] it was really a wonderful day. The children were very inspired, moved and encouraged. The parents with us were really blown away. [...] Our thanks to all the wonderful volunteers you have, it is really special to have them share their experiences. [...] We all wish you great success with the exhibition and have already recommended it to anyone we talk to.

Dean of Primary, St Augustine’s College:

It was a very worthwhile and extremely well run event. Congratulations on delivering such a meaningful and educational workshop. The boys from St Augustine’s certainly benefited from this experience.

Head of Secondary, Newington College:

Our boys were truly privileged to share in the opportunity of mixing with such an eclectic group of individuals and benefit first hand from their understanding that society relies on cooperation, communication and strong inter-personal relationships based around respect for others at all times.