Seville Mercy Conference Centre

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35 Bauhinia Ave

Friday 14th August – Friday 11th September 2015

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In collaboration with Cairns Catholic Education Services, Diocese of Cairns, we are bringing Courage to Care to Northern Queensland. InterestedĀ individuals or groups please get in touch with Vicky or Priscilla on (07) 4050 9700 or email to find out more about the program and to book in today.

More information can be read at: and follow the link to Courage to Care on the homepage.

  • School programs: 9.30-11.30am or 12.30-2.30pm Monday-Fridays
  • Teacher and educator sessions: 4-6pm Monday-Wednesdays
  • Adult programming: 11am-1pm Sundays
  • Casual walkins: 9am-4pm Monday – Friday and 2-4pm Sundays

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