Exhibition Themes

Photos of faces as part of the Niemoller installation of the exhibition

The Courage to Care exhibition is a positive and inspiring experience. The exhibition addresses contemporary issues of discrimination, prejudice and bullying by demonstrating the power of the individual to make a difference if he or she is willing to stand up and take action to help someone in need. The effects of even the smallest caring action can be extraordinary in its results.

Using World War II and the Holocaust as an example, the exhibition demonstrates the impact of discrimination through personal stories, encouraging understanding and empathy for minority groups and for people experiencing disadvantage. By highlighting and honouring the courage of ordinary men and women who even in the face of great personal risk took action to help others in the past, the exhibition challenges visitors to critically reflect on their personal values today. Through its positive message, it inspires and empowers them to not be bystanders, but to take positive action when they witness injustice in their everyday lives.

The Courage to Care exhibition is presented through four themes: